Sums it all up perfectly…

Quote of the day:

“The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

—George Orwell 1984

“Just remember what you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening.”

– Donald Trump 07-24-2018 (then president of the United States)

Addressing the VFW convention in Kansas City

Backyard Birding

Looks fast just sittin’ still

Spent a few hours in the fall sun birding at the new backyard feeders.

Sittin’ pretty

We had the usual suspects and one unexpected but most welcome visitor.

A Downy Woodpecker.

I apologize for the out of focus shot of the woodpecker. Put it down as “buck fever”.


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The Laptop that wouldn’t Die


WallStreet Laptop
It’s ALIVE !!

I was checking some dust covered laptop bags when this came to light.

A PowerBook G3 Wallstreet 500 MHz PPC Motorola processor. A 20 Gb hard drive 386 Mb RAM

It’s setup to dual boot MacOS 9.2.2 and X 10.3.9

Seems a shame to shitcan it. However, as many items we encounter during our lives, it is obsolete, as I am, and therefore must go.

Denial Ain’t Just a River in Egypt

DenialDenial ! I constantly am amazed by the sheer amount of procrastination I can summon at a moments notice.
It has worked well for 60 plus years.

Who am I to argue with success?

I have a pissant little nagging plugin in my wordpress blog install that is whining about the shortness of this post. It says I need 200 words to make it readable.

I doubt if the general public wants to read anything that long.

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It’s a Bitch Getting Old

I find my old eyes must defer to my visual impairment and alter the site color scheme. I will search for a combination that provides me with the best visual contrast for my condition.

If you do not like it, too bad. If you ain’t payin’ the bills, you got no dog in this fight. It does get more than a bit tedious
dealing with the limitations. Some days ….

Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.

Secret Sex Life of Zucchini

Just outside your door, near where your children play and your pets roam, there is an orgy going on. Right under your very nose.

Male flowers are locked in a competition to see who wins the right to spread his progeny for next season.

I chuckle whenever I see the budding young male flowers, they remind me of “Audrey II” from the “Little Shop of Horrors” film.

Male Zucchini Bud
Young Male Squash Bud

In full bloom.

Male Zucchini
Male Squash Flower

The sought after prize.

Female Zucchini Life
Waiting patiently

The outcome?

A Zucchini the size of a Buick.

Flowers are so deliciously wicked.

Even the Moose get tired of Rain

This little guy and his momma showed up today during one of the heavier rain showers.

They wandered around, ate some of Pammy’s berries and stripped some branches off the trees. The young one then took exception to our pulsing sprinkler.

rain calf
I’m gonna stomp somethin’.

I don’t know why. The sprinkler was not running but something about that yellow and black hardware in the middle of the lawn really pissed it off.
It sniffed and pawed and finally stomped the sprinkler. It would walk away with a bit of a strut in its step as if to say, “Well, I certainly showed you.”

Then Pammy turned the water on. That really upset both the moose and it’s momma. Note the hackle standing up on the back of the neck. If you ever see a moose with its hair up like that, just walk away. Now ! It would charge the sprinkler until it was hit with the stream then it would back off. It did this over and over.

Finally, they moved off into the woods. Pammy gave it about five minutes then moved to turn off the hose.

Momma came charging out of the woods snorting and grunting. Pammy was in no danger as she was behind the fence. The moose made several threatening moves toward the now running sprinkler but didn’t like to get sprayed in the snoot or the boot.

Even the moose get cranky in the rain.

The 6000 Pound Elephant in the Room

That would be Facebook.

At one time I had this nifty little WordPress plugin “Add Link to FaceBook” that worked like a champ.

If I made a new post on this blog, the plug-in would automagically interface with FaceBook and share a link on my business page. “”

Then FaceBook decided that was a bad thing to have. They first made changes to the API so you had to stay on your toes keeping up to date.
Then it just quit working, the plug-in developers decided it was way too much work for their free efforts.

So it died.

Seems Facebook wants you to compose your offsite content to their “standards” before you publish a link. It would be nice if Facebook would vet the links to be sure there are no nasties associated with the link. People will click on anything.