The weather can be fickle in Alaska

Well we have had some outstanding Aurora events caused by recent solar weather and I have only captured a few scant frames that are by no means spectacular.

Clouds have been a major issue.

On 2/18 the solar numbers looked to be good and all the weather information I had pointed to the skies being best to the north and northwest of Anchorage. So I loaded up and headed out driving just a bit over 100 miles to the Parks Highway Big Su river bridge.

The sky was quiet when I got there at about 9:30pm. There had been a fairly nice show about an hour earlier but I was in transit and driving alone. It is not wise to be looking at the sky while driving at night. I know of at least one person who ended up high centered on a snow berm in the middle of the night farther north where it is a much lonelier place to be stuck.

I got a few images but nothing to rave about. Then the clouds moved in and that left a choice of driving back to town or continuing north. There were a few reports of clearer skies back toward town so south I went. I had been joined at the Big Su with two other members of the Facebook Aurora Notification group and they were as disappointed as I.

The interior of Alaska has been blessed with relatively clear skies and moderate temps for the last week so they have been shooting up a storm.

Parks Hwy at Big Su
Faint Aurora over the Parks Highway at the Big Su river

I will continue the hunt.