Don’t Jerk It – Herc It !

Summer air traffic over the house. Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules of the Lyndon Air fleet.

Lockheed Hercules
Don’t Jerk it, Herc it !!

It has been said that Alaska has only two seasons. Winter and Construction. Now, that’s not necessarily true. We do construction in the winter and year round. I know, I did it for a great many years. Over at the “big airport”, Anchorage International or “the Uncle Teddy Memorial” as I call it, they are swinging their way through a multi year project to make much needed improvements to the north – south runway.

This means a heavy departing traffic load on the east – west parallel runways. The flights have been departing to the east over the city and that has lead to many a complaint. As a former Part 135 pilot, I like it.