Michael Sebrey was a professional photographer who used Nikon gear.

Preferred subjects were Alaska wildlife and landscapes, aviation, motorcycles, and the elusive Aurora Borealis.

All images are my own work unless otherwise noted and protected by US Copyright Law. Use without license or permission is a violation and will be pursued under the law.

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    1. Michael,
      Where to start? Dress in warm layers with an outer windproof covering. Keep the head, hands, and feet warm.

      For capturing the Aurora, I like to use a camera that has a high ISO range with a lens with a fast aperture. The Aurora can be a fast moving phenomena with a complex structure. To capture the details such as rays and spikes, I like a short shutter speed of less than 1 second. With longer shutter times the lights can turn into an amorphous blob of light with no detail.

      I shoot either in manual mode or aperture priority. In aperture priority I will vary the EV value as the lights change in intensity.

      For a lens, I use manual focus primes. These are relatively inexpensive so I don’t mind exposing them to the extreme cold and they have a fixed ∞ mark that allows me to know where my focus is located.

      A good sturdy tripod and remote release are also important.

      When I first became interested in shooting the lights, I did a web search and found Patrick Endres site and his excellent article on how to photograph the lights.

      So, dress warm, take spare batteries and hand warmers, and a thermos of hot coffee, tea, or cocoa. Be patient and good luck.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      Mike in Alaska

  1. Hi Mike, maybe you remeber me , we took together northern lighs picture at the turnagain arm. i lost your buissnes card and i find this site by google. wonderfull!!!!
    i plan to visit alaska at feburary and march 2013. i went last august four week in alaska , i had a wonderfull time by the bears on katmai with my friend perry from girdwood.
    i hope we stay in touch and see as again.
    Big greetings from Germany Guido Kettner

    1. Thanks Bob.
      We are looking forward to a great Aurora season from September 2012 thru March 2013. The solar cycle is at the 11 year peak right now.
      For more Aurora images cruise the gallery when you get a chance.
      Keep up the good work in Ontario.

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