Poppies ……. Poppies

We added a bit of color to the swamp.

From the new bed in the front moose alley we have blossomed Tulips, Forget-Me-Nots, Poppies, and it looks like a few other species.

Icelandic Poppy

Icelandic Poppy

The pursuit of a perfect image

Each year I anxiously await the blooming of the Forget-Me-Not flowers in the raspberry patch out front. I shoot several hundred frames each year trying to capture a sharp detailed image that embodies the essence of the Alaska Forget-Me-Not.

I’m not there yet.

Alaska Forget-Me-Not

Alaska Moose enjoying the end of Winter

Cabin Fever may soon rear its ugly head here in SouthCentral Alaska.

The daylight hours are rapidly approaching 12 hours per day, each day we are currently gaining close to 6 minutes a day.

The sun has warmth in it again and the weather has been clear and sunny for the last week. The temps are near freezing during the day and then plummet to the negative over night.

The snow is still three foot deep and the temp reminds you that winter has not relaxed her icy grip.

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Sky Candy Aurora

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Sky Candy

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Denali in Winter

We thank you for your support and encouragement.

Please be considerate of others

When you pull up and stop to view the Northern Lights, please do not do as this person.

Once you park, turn off your lights
Once you park, turn off your lights

There is absolutely no reason for this. Once you have put the vehicle in park, shutdown your lights. If you can not run the engine / heater in your car without the lights being on, please go somewhere else and don’t spoil the dark skies for others. The driver in the above vehicle sat for two hours without moving. Motor running, lights on, nobody home.

And for those of you who just don’t “get it”. No one is saying you should turn out your lights while moving. Only a fool would think that.