Bitches be crazy

October 15th, 2020

So the Democrat Anchorage mayor has resigned for what he calls a consensual but inappropriate texting relationship with a local TV personality.

This was after he had been tried, convicted, and sentenced in the court of social media.

This was engineered by the sister of a restaurant owner that felt the mayor’s COVID-19 restrictions should not apply to him.

So the sister tells the TV lady, who apparently is mentally unbalanced and having a relationship with her TV boss, that her daughter was sex trafficked by the mayor. The daughter was a sex worker of legal age at the time but denies hooking up with the mayor.

The TV lady goes batshit crazy calling the mayor with death threats. She also punched out her boyfriend boss. She gets thrown in a police car that she kicks repeatedly.

The sex worker daughter said she told her mom a lie about her clients to get the mother to shut up about her work.

So you have one career destroyed by three women telling a big fat lie. I’m sure the covid rules violating brother is quite happy with the results.

I hope the mayor gets justice.

Some children just don’t like the word no

October 9th, 2020

His majesty has pitched a fit over the debate format and schedule. Never mind that he forced the changes due to his being contagious with COVID.

He didn’t want to do a virtual debate.

“I’m not going to waste my time on a virtual debate. That’s not what debating is all about,” Trump said in an interview on Fox Business shortly after the news broke. “You sit behind a computer and do a debate? It’s ridiculous. And then they cut you off whenever they want.”

He would have to follow the rules. Unacceptable, he must be free to shout down, interrupt, badger and belittle.

But by afternoon, the Trump campaign suggested instead that the debate should be delayed by one week, pushing the third and final televised argument between the candidates to just before the election. That ploy didn’t work either. “Donald Trump doesn’t make the debate schedule; the debate commission does,” a representative for the Biden campaign said in a statement. “Trump chose today to pull out of the October 15 debate. Trump’s erratic behavior does not allow him to rewrite the calendar, and pick new dates of his choosing.”

So then his majesty promised a note from his doctor. Even though he won’t give out his test history.

Trump’s team had landed on another gambit. Using a note from the president’s doctor, Dr. Sean Conley—where he claimed to “fully anticipate the president’s safe return to public engagements” by Saturday—the reelection campaign circled back to the notion that next week’s debate should happen as planned. There is “no medical reason why the Commission on Presidential Debates should shift the debate to a virtual setting, postpone it, or otherwise alter it in any way,” campaign manager Bill Stepien, who was also recently diagnosed with coronavirus, said.

This was denied as well. So his majesty wants to hold a superspreader rally.

Some children will not learn.

He didn’t learn a damn thing

October 6th, 2020

And he showed that he is his only concern.

210,000 Americans dead

7,500,000 Americans infected

26,000,000 Americans unemployed

His majesty was whisked away by his private helicopter to his private medical treatment facility within Walter Reed Hospital when he had difficulty breathing last Friday. Bear in mind that he has a pretty good fully staffed medical clinic in the basement of the White House manned 24/7 but they were alarmed enough to have the Marine helicopter fly him to the big hospital. He was given oxygen and a whole pharmacy of drugs, most not available to the general public. And the taxpayers were forced to pay for his shenanigans.

Then just after claiming that he had learned a lot COVID and that it was real and serious, he went for a mask less outing to bask in praise of some deranged followers spreading COVID among staff, his Secret Service detail, and the public against medical advice.

He left the hospital again, against medical advice, to return to the White House. Once there he put on a bit of a dog and pony show claiming yet again that COVID is no big deal.

“Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life.”

Never mind that his majesty’s level of medical care is not available to most Americans but only a small group of well moneyed white folks. Too bad he didn’t get to experience the nightmare of struggling to breathe while awaiting care at an overwhelmed medical facility not knowing if he would make the next five minutes alive.

No, he didn’t learn a damn thing and he only cares about being re-elected so that he may continue to destroy America.

More numbers

September 28th, 2020

Several of his majesty’s tax returns for recent years have been released. As suspected, they show massive income, massive deductions, leading to little or no payments to the IRS. Massive debts are listed as well as higher payments to foreign governments.

The returns would need to be audited to be sure the numbers check.

Manipulating tax deductions is nothing new and while some deductions may be morally or legally questionable, the returns are probably accurate.

Still, almost 400 million in income and only 750 dollars in tax liability indicates someone that plays the game well. That $750 must have stuck in his craw.

His majesty says the returns are fake news and the reporters are in league with the Democrats. Both are false statements.

The relentless numbers

September 25th, 2020

200,000 dead

7,000,000 infected

26,000,000 unemployed

Do not re-elect Trump, Sullivan, Young, and any other Republican that condoned or facilitated the destruction of America who is running in the November election.