Whatever gets you through the night….

January 25th, 2020

The Republican controlled Senate is currently charged with impartially conducting an impeachment trial of ‘el Presidente’. The members were sworn in to uphold their oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

That promise didn’t last as long as it took them to sit down.

The whole deal is rigged to dismiss the charges and let ‘el Presidente’ skate. There is no dispute that ‘el Presidente’ did commit the crimes he has been charged with. Both sides admit that he is guilty. However, the loyal minions of ‘el Presidente’ and the newly flushed out sycophants sucking around for a revolving cabinet post or better yet, a no bid huge government contract like the boys from Idaho are claiming that the first part was legal and so the second part don’t matter. And the first part is legal because ‘el Presidente’ says so. So there!

The best part is where the Republicans rejected issuing subpoenas for more documentation or witness testimony all while claiming, “There’s no evidence of a crime.” And these people are supposed to be lawyers?

Bottom line. The People of the United States of America just got royally fucked. I hope you enjoyed it cuz you’re going to get fucked over and over again, without a kiss, without lube until the carpetbaggers are runout or locked up.

Don’t believe me? Look at what ‘el Presidente’ and his gang just did to the EPA (overly burdensome), the $7.2 BILLION dollars diverted from critical programs to squander on his wall (that you can cut through with battery operated saw), and his war on “birth tourism” (got to show you have enough money to pay for your child’s birth).

Get motivated people. Stop the bullshit from getting any deeper.

Cha Cha Changes …

January 4th, 2020

Call it what you want, but it can no longer be “denied” by any rational being. The weather patterns are shifting over the objections of the right.

New Year’s Eve 12-31-19 – Anchorage Alaska

Temp +46 Light Rain

New Year’s Day 01-01-20 – Anchorage Alaska

Temp +08 10 inches Snow

24 hours

Now tell me the part about humans not having a part in climate change again.

And a Merry ‘fuckin’ Christmas to you too !

December 22nd, 2019

It was recently announced that as many as 670 jobs will be eliminated by Hilcorp in the BP buyout.

It seems these ‘adjustments’ always occur at Christmas. I know, it has happened to me before. Nothing makes a worker feel more valued than being told your services are of no use.

Don’t think the ones offered a position in the buyout are home free. They will be required to ‘apply’ (beg) to retain a position with the new owner. Historically this entails a reduction in pay and benefits.

I wouldn’t wish this on a dog.

Is it the end of the federal republic?

December 22nd, 2019

It seems that Russia ‘won’ the Cold War after all. Or maybe this is just payback for the debacle in Afghanistan we funded in the 80’s.

“el Presidente” has been impeached by the US House of Representatives for ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ but Russia’s current leader Putin has come out in favor of “el Presidente” and a majority of Republicans in Congress have rallied to his defense and have stated they will not vote for impeachment no matter what evidence has been collected on his treasonous actions.

Think about that for a moment.

“el Presidente” is due to have a trial in the Senate but the Senate is held by Republicans and most of them are not going to even pretend to act as impartial jurors. Most are already on record stating they will acquit. So his pre-electon statement about ‘shooting someone at high noon on Wall Street and getting away with it’ is true. He holds himself above the law. How quick would an ordinary citizen called to jury duty be slapped with a ‘contempt of court’ citation if they said that in a court room?

It has been shown repeatedly that Russia manipulated the last US Presidential election with misinformation and the voters let themselves be led to where we currently stand. So-called ‘social media’ had a huge part in the spread of the misinformation by refusing to remove blatantly false items claiming ‘free speech’. How much money was funneled to Facebook and Twitter and why the fuck do people believe every fucking bullshit post as if it were sworn testimony? Evidently, yes, people are really that stupid.

Republicans were running around aimlessly in the past muttering, “bu bu but emails”. Now it’s, “bu bu bu but Ukraine emails”. What a bunch of sad moronic fools.

Russia controls the White House and by extension all Republicans currently in Congress.

Anyone still blindly supporting the White House and Congress without question is guilty as well.

However, things would not be much different if Clinton had been elected. The Clintons were engaged in a ‘pay to play’ scam of their own through their “non-profit foundation”. So we would still be up to our ass in shit. Russia manipulated the primary so the US voters were left with choosing between a “Giant Douche” and a “Turd Sandwich”. Neither one should be allowed to hold any public office. But I digress.

Russia played the US voters like a cheap banjo at a hoedown.

Is it any wonder that voter turnout is so low? The attitude is ‘why vote, it won’t matter anyway.’

Will the United States of America ever find its way beck into the light?

Get them cheap while they last

December 22nd, 2019

It would appear that the cost of vote from the Alaska Congressional Delegation has not kept place with inflation.

Now all it takes is an “endorsement” from the the White House. The least they could have done is hold out for cash and prizes such as one of the ever revolving Cabinet posts. Even VECO / Allen paid more.

Y’all remember VECO and all the legislators, state and federal, they bought right? I think the lowest bribe VECO paid was $1100 USD. You can buy a sitting US Senator from Alaska for just an “endorsement”. And it would appear that Alaska’s only congressman goes for less than that.


On the local front, ‘el Guv’ is using quotes fed directly to him from the Pebble mine owners. ‘el Guv’ is in turn feeding those to the current corrupt EPA in support of Pebble. So much for an impartial review and permit process. ‘el Guv’ has been Outside drumming up support and funds against the attempted recall by Alaskan voters. Evidently he couldn’t get enough bucks from actual residents of Alaska. You know, that place that he is supposed to represent. Let us not overlook that he has a few of the folks associated with the VECO deal working for him.

It would appear that “an oath of office” doesn’t mean squat.