Have we become “unnecessarily burdensome” …

The State of Alaska (‘el Guv’ regime) wants to overhaul the current oil spill contingency plan. Seems there have been complaints that the existing regs are ‘unnecessarily burdensome’ while lacking corresponding environmental benefits.

Is it possible to prove that statement without another Exxon Valdez sized spill?

Rolling back regulations seems to be all the rage now in Republican controlled governing bodies with the phrase ‘unnecessarily burdensome’ as the rally cry. Gone are restrictions on air, water, soil, forest, housing, manufacturing, that may decrease profits.

The feds and ‘el Presidente’ are rolling back regs on the Tongass and ANWR and the NPR-A. It’s open season on clean air and water and pristine wilderness.

The court trial has begun to decide who is going to clean or at least furnish clean water to the residents of the North Pole area of interior Alaska. So far we have the original perpetrators of the spill squaring off against the SOA and the current owners. The ones who polluted the water claim that when they dumped sulfolane it was not considered a toxic pollutant so they should not have to now go back and clean up their mess. The current owners claim they are not responsible since they didn’t spill it and the existing spill was not disclosed during the sale or the property. And the state desperately wants to avoid paying for any water deliveries as it is already on the hook for all the PFAS near airports in the bush.

Is it only wealthy or at least ‘well off’ Republicans who may use the ‘unnecessarily burdensome’ alibi? I find paying bills, taxes, and pretty much any expense ‘unnecessarily burdensome’ but I’m just an old retired disabled white guy so I probably don’t qualify.

It was the same story I got from FEMA on earthquake damage reimbursement. No free money, but we could borrow as much as we could afford. Up to our net worth and ability to pay it back.

In other state news, a longtime spokesperson for ‘el Guv’ is leaving his current post to return to ass-licking Alaska Senator Sullivan. Must be reelection time.

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