How do you like me now? redux

Seems there are rampant rumors that ‘el Guv’ is next inline for the Dept. of Energy cabinet post with ‘el Presidente’s’ court. Current secretary will resign at the end of the year. ‘el Presidente’ says he has a replacement picked out but he’s not telling’. At least not until it is to the advantage of ‘el Presidente’. ‘el Guv’ has been wrangling for that ever since the first refueling stop meeting with ‘el Presidente’. Evidently ‘el Guv’s’ rollback of EPA and other restrictions gave ‘el Presidente’ a hard on. If he is capable of such penile functions. Stormy says, no.
His moving to a cabinet post will be a waste of a perfectly good recall vote. Hate to see him skip outside the law. He should fit in well with the remainder of ‘el Presidente’s’ supporters. But don’t forget the impeachment inquiry.
Has anyone told ‘el Guv’ that they no longer call the position “Energy Czar”? That disappointment will sting slightly less than the ‘dissin’ he got during a speech at the AFN convention in Fairbanks. I’m surprised the delegates let him in the building based on his attitude towards rural Alaska.

In other news. The Justice Department has announced a $42 million dollar ‘gift’ to rural Alaska law enforcement. If you listen quietly, you can hear the sound of lawyers warming up for a crack at the booty. This may be a plot by ‘el Presidente’ to secure the minority vote in Alaska. Someone needs to remind him that these are his most feared opponent. Brown people. And there ain’t enough to justify such a large expenditure.
The latest ‘spin’ on the impeachment front is that the financial aid for Ukraine was held up because of the super secret hugest investigation for a traveling Democratic party email server that Russia ran or hacked or stole the email from or some other such garbage. ‘el Presidente’ was running his own under cover op on the Ukraine government.
Going to have to call “BULLSHIT !!!” on that one.

And more of Rudy’s friends have been arrested.

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