What part of ….

“To protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America”, did you not understand?

‘el Presidente’ railed against the ’emollients clause’ in the US Constitution after being called out by virtually everyone on the planet who care about such things for forcing the G (whatever the number is) Summit at one of his hotel / casino / golf course / rich whites only resorts. ‘el Presidente’ claimed Geo. Washington had two desks. One for ‘bidness’ and one for ‘guberment’. ‘el Presidente’ is so talented he can run his ‘bidness’ empire as he makes his run for world domination with just one desk. But it’s ‘HUGE’.

And that thing about ‘coercion’ with monetary aid for the Ukraine to have them look into a rogue email server was just ‘bidness’ as usual for the diplomatic relations.

I wonder which desk he took the phone call from.

Lisa, Dan, and Donny. You are supposed to represent the people of the State of Alaska and to a lesser extent, me. Please tell me you are concerned about the increasingly erratic and dangerous behavior of the president. Please tell me that all three of you are going to address this mental breakdown.

Oh, J/K about that whole troop pull out from Syria. Be sure to tell the dead that ‘el Presidente’ was just kidding.

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