Turkey’s new BFF’s

It’s difficult to figure out who is Turkey’s new BFF. Putin or Trump. Both have offered to remove those pesky Kurds.

“el Presidente” has public ally stated that “we didn’t promise to support them forever”. Or even a week.

“el Presidente” tweeted that the promise by Russia to help remove the Kurds was “good news seems to be happening”. He also agreed the US would clear out the Kurdish rebels and lift economic sanctions on Turkey. What a puss.

In other news, “el Presidente” complained and classified the impeachment inquiry as illegal and unfair and a lynching. Poor poor Donny. Another member of the state department testified about how “el Presidente” “unfairly” withheld aid from the Ukraine until they agreed to investigate a few of “el Presidente’s” political rivals.

Evidently there is what is ‘fair’ and what is ‘fair’.

And when the douche goes make sure he takes all his major political donor appointees with him.

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