Bidness as usual …

“el Guv” has taken his ‘case’ refuting the recall petition and rationalizing his ‘slash and burn’ budget to the ‘outside’ interests. This includes interviews and personal appearances on known ‘right-leaning’ media. He won’t show his face in Alaska or on Alaska media since he was met with a peaceful if rude protest at the AFN convention in Fairbanks. The recall is gathering steam in Alaska from many sides. It may not have been the wisest of moves to gain access to the office of governor with his ‘$6400 promise’ then fail to follow through. Lots of valley mouth-breathers can’t remember their own name but that 6400 dollar figure keeps floating to the top like a turd in a cesspool.
Yet he is still pushing his agenda hoping to be miraculously saved by his hero and mentor, “el Presidente”.
Meanwhile, “el Presidente” has forbidden any White House staff, present or former, from cooperating with the impeachment inquiry. He is calling it a ‘hoax’ and all you have to do is read the transcript to realize he is being treated ‘unfairly’. His remaining loyal minions are throwing up clouds of noise and joining “el Presidente” in attempting to discredit any person that testifies at the inquiry.
Make no mistake. The inquiry committee includes members from both political parties. Each committee member may ‘cross examine’ any witness. It is interesting that invariably the republican members ask the witness if ‘they are loyal to >el Presidente”‘.

Foolish me. I thought all people involved in the federal government were only required to be loyal to the US Constitution.

And there are now at least four ‘wrongful dismissal’ lawsuts against ‘el Guv’ by the folks purged when they refused to sign a ‘loyalty’ oath swearing to blindly support ‘el Guv’ in his quest.

You can’t make this shit up.

And I’m still waiting for all that ‘free money’ everyone talks about. Supposedly the feds and state are handing out millions in free money. But to the wrong people. You know, the people who need it. Well damn it! I want my share.

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