You didn’t think we would pay for it, did you?

Seems a local charter school has been getting a ‘sweetheart’ deal on rent from the Anchorage School District for years. However their building needs repairs. ASD wants the charter school to pay for repairs and the school says it’s not their problem.
ASD probable messed up on the terms of the rental agreement so they (and by extension, us) will be on the hook for repairs.
Maybe ASD should raise the rent or terminate the lease.

You all know what a ‘charter school’ is, right?

It’s where a bunch of parents got together and decided that the existing schools didn’t meet the wants or needs of their special children so they started their own school that sucks resources out of the public school system and sets their precious progeny on the road to entitlement.
These people have a fundamental problem separating ‘need’ from ‘want’.

Stop the madness! No more ‘special’ schools or consideration or privileges for these people who believe they and their children are ‘special’

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