Why do you want poor people to starve … ?

In keeping with the ‘slash and burn’ mentality in the administrations of both ‘el Guv’ and his hero and mentor, ‘el Presidente’, there is a proposal to punch a road across the south side of the Brooks Range from the Dalton to the Ambler mining district. Seems there are a fair amount of precious and other minerals laying around but the miners want someone to construct and pay for them to access the area.
The road will snake it’s way west towards Kotzebue passing through public and private lands that have been fairly undisturbed since the last ice age. I have flown over it many times in many different aircraft over the years and it is one of the last great roadless areas of the North American continent. The Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve will be crossed by the road.
Opponents of the road wish for the area to stay as is. Proponents point out that the area is not a ‘designated federal wilderness’. And that is true but why should that determine if I run a bulldozer through the puckerbrush?
Humans have yet to develop a mineral extraction process that leaves the surrounding area as it was. Even over in the Yukon, they have begun to realize the depth of disturbance that just placer mining inflicts on the ecosystem. The ground is not the same nor will it ever be. The same is true for the reclaimed mining areas of Alaska.

But the most compelling specious argument I’ve read to date is the one from a miner that says if you are against the Ambler Road then you want people to live in poverty. Poor people need the minerals in the Ambler District to enrich their lives.

You got to do better than that.

But like all things Alaska, if there is enough money involved, it will happen. Right or Wrong.

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