Twas only a matter of time …

The recall plight of “el Guv” has caught the short attention span of “el Presidente”. As is his standard procedure, “el Presidente” tweeted support claiming that “el Guv’s” recall woes are solely due to ‘Democrats’. He also claimed that “le Guv” was his friend and included a link to an outside political group collecting defense funds for “el Guv”.

If the recall petition gets legs and traction, don’t be surprised if “el Guv” gets his long awaited appointment to a cabinet post to ‘save’ him from the mob.

That would be a mixed blessing, Alaska would be shed of the grifter and we would be herding them together for the big impeachment. But we would lack the closure of public disgrace.

“el Presidente” is way, way off base with his claim that it’s the Democrats after “el Guv’s” head. “el Guv” bought the governor’s office at a price of $6,400 per vote. His big campaign promise was to issue a $3,000 PFD and also payback the alleged misappropriated shortage from previous years for a total of $6,400.

But the PFD payout came and went and the voters standing there with their hands out were left with a handful of nothing.

To be fair, (fair and fairness and fairly are great big buzzwords in the realm of “el Presidente” these days) “el Guv” never told his voters that to get the money for that ‘hugest’ PFD he would basically gut the state budget. Never mind the losses as long as ‘I got mine’. Turns out he was reaching into every pocket in Alaska and folks put up a fight so “el Guv” couldn’t get the cash.

The support from the White House is like having Bernie Madoff being a character witness at your fraud trial.

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