And I thought I was blind …

“el Presidente” is besieged by folks who are certain he is a bad president and possibly committed illegal acts. He is surrounded by fanatical supporters that would lineup for the privilege of performing fellatio or anilingus on “el Presidente”. Having read comments from these supporters, I fail to understand their point of view. For the US to move forward it is imperative that we attempt to learn or understand all perspectives. But I don’t believe that it is possible. The remaining hardcore fanatics seem to be predominantly white pro-life evangelical Christian racists who have blocked out “el Presidente’s” admitted sexual assaults, his disruption of the US and global economy, his failure to support US allies, his hatred of all people of color, and his ignorance in general. These people have not yet accepted that a black man lived 8 years in the White House and not as cleaning staff. They have money. Some are very well off but most are just comfortable monetarily. They see what they believe is a loss of stature and position of the white race. They are scared. That makes them dangerous.

These are the same good folks who believe the earth and the universe are only 6,000 years old. They believe that pregnant women must carry to full term as the price one pays for the pleasure of sex. They expect everyone to pay their own way including education and healthcare except for them.

One conclave in Florida forced their congressional rep to say he will not run again because he has the nerve to not blindly condemn the impeachment inquiry. Too bad for them.

The rally cry from “el Presidente” is for all republicans to support the leader of their party against these smears.

Any person of relative intelligence will quit the republican party flat.

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