You damn kids! Get outa’ my yard!

Word is that smugglers are breaching “el Presidente’s” Mexican wall. Seems they make a stop at the local version of a hardware store and pick up a battery operated or even electrically operated saw and they cut the base of the 30 foot tall panels. The length of the panel gives them enough flex to create a sizable opening permitting human and drug smuggling. And you can probably bet there is some arms smuggling going on as well.
Wall supporters claim that has not happened often and only on sections that are incomplete.
Smugglers are returning to the same spots in the wall because they find it is easier to cut the new repair welds in the panels.

On the impeachment stage, there is a move to put the whole thing in public. Probably to address the whole whiney “unfair”, “lies”, and “secret inquisition” claims from “le Presidente” and his rabid minions. He has called for all Republicans to protect and support him as the head of the party. That alone should make any person with a shred of decency quit the Republican Party.

At home, “el Guv” refuses to appear in public in Alaska to answer questions about his short dividend and his short budget. But he is lacking it up Outside in a fund raising effort with conservative racists who have money to give but lack any understanding of Alaska issues. Now there are probably some local Republicans thinking that access to Outside dark money is not such a good idea. His ‘mouthpiece’ is pushing legislation for the state to pay legal expenses for the “el Guv”, his second banana, and the ‘mouthpiece’ if they are sued for being stupid, greedy, or incompetent. The same shit “the Wicked Witch of Wasilla” had to pay for when she vindictively terminated a state trooper she did not like. It is almost as if “el Guv” is preparing for an “immunity” defense like his hero.
Bottom line, he owes me money! And you too, if you live in Alaska.

“el Guv’s” budget cuts have rippled into the ‘bush’ fairly rapidly. Several communities in the panhandle are now without ferry service due to unexpected maintenance costs. And if you live in the ‘bush’ and I mean the ‘real bush’ like Teller, or Savoonga, “el Guv” expects you to pay for weatherizing and heating your abode all by your lonesome because he has no idea of what it takes to get quality building materials or heating oil to your door. Cuts were made to the weatherization program and heat supplement program. Remember, Republicans expect you to live where costs are low for food and shelter.

And it doesn’t appear that the lease sales in ANWR ain’t happening this year. Both “el Presidente” and “el Guv” can get together and see if there are other regulations that can be dispensed with under the guise of ‘too burdensome’.

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