Get them cheap while they last

It would appear that the cost of vote from the Alaska Congressional Delegation has not kept place with inflation.

Now all it takes is an “endorsement” from the the White House. The least they could have done is hold out for cash and prizes such as one of the ever revolving Cabinet posts. Even VECO / Allen paid more.

Y’all remember VECO and all the legislators, state and federal, they bought right? I think the lowest bribe VECO paid was $1100 USD. You can buy a sitting US Senator from Alaska for just an “endorsement”. And it would appear that Alaska’s only congressman goes for less than that.


On the local front, ‘el Guv’ is using quotes fed directly to him from the Pebble mine owners. ‘el Guv’ is in turn feeding those to the current corrupt EPA in support of Pebble. So much for an impartial review and permit process. ‘el Guv’ has been Outside drumming up support and funds against the attempted recall by Alaskan voters. Evidently he couldn’t get enough bucks from actual residents of Alaska. You know, that place that he is supposed to represent. Let us not overlook that he has a few of the folks associated with the VECO deal working for him.

It would appear that “an oath of office” doesn’t mean squat.

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