There will be no living with him now

The packed Supreme Court has sided with his majesty and will allow him to divert much needed funds from the military budget to build his wall. The wall along the southern border only, is intended to keep out the brown people that scare him so much.

Not all brown people scare him. If the brown folks are willing to work for substandard wages, live in poverty without healthcare, and permit physical, mental, and sexual abuse by the white overseer; they are considered tame. The ones who agitate for better conditions and want to vote are to be denied.

The really bizarre thing is that the damn thing doesn’t work and is considered a joke. Smugglers have cut huge gaping holes in sections and some parts have to be opened in the rainy season.

But he can pilfer money and that’s all he really wants. Oh, and indirectly the court said he was right. That alone will give him a stiffy. Someone will get dicked tonight in the White House.

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