Watch the vein throb

On his majesty’s forehead under the comb over. It almost popped when he got wind of Dr. Fauci’s testimony to Congress. Fauci offered one reason for the European Union’s lower COVID numbers in that they were better prepared.

His majesty immediately tweeted WRONG! According to him, the USA numbers are bad because we do more testing than anybody because we have the greatest testing. He wants to cut testing or at least make you pay for it.

He is a thoroughly dangerous man.

They still think we all should just bite the bullet and go back to pre-COVID life as if it did not exist. Your children and family will be on the front line. Not a sane man at all.

Closer to home, el Guv has taken a page from his majesty’s playbook. el Guv is passing responsibility on exposure down to you. He won’t mandate masks but he recommends that you use one. And if you get sick, we told you so. Just can’t seem to grow a pair.

And the mayor of Anchorage has re-imposed restrictions on bars and restaurants while they try to figure out school reopening safely. Not likely.

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