A piece of the action

His majesty has stated that a substantial part of the proceeds from the sale of TikTok will go to the US Treasury on the basis that “we made the deal possible”.

Smells like extortion. A cut for the mob? But who would pay? Microsoft? Why? What legal basis does he have for this claim?

Maybe he figures his gang will be able to skim off the top if he can get the dollars in the treasury.

On another note, his majesty came out in favor of mail-in balloting for the state of Florida at the request of Florida Republicans. He claims now it will be safe because they stopped two attempts by the Democrats to change the system. So it’s safe to vote by mail in Florida only.

And his majesty did not visit Rep. Lewis as he lay in state or attend his funeral because Lewis did not go to his majesty’s inauguration or any of his state of the union speeches. I guess his majesty showed him. What a five year old.

And he has turned on his one remaining medical expert on his coronavirus task force. Dr. Birx is now facing his wrath for not making him look good and saying what a great job he’s doing. So needy, so sad.

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