You can’t make this shit up

November 19th, 2020

His majesty is continuing his claim that he won the election. Evidently 70% of republicans believe him. I always thought republicans were smarter than that.

White people in the US are pushing back against being called on the damage perpetrated over the years. It pretty much boils down to this.

“Yes, this country may have committed mass genocide against indigenous peoples, enslaved and tortured countless Africans, committed whole-ass treason to preserve the institution of slavery, instituted Jim Crow laws and greatly exacerbated income inequality through unchecked capitalism, but dammit, we put a man on the moon. Why don’t you talk more about that?”

Like the title says, you can’t make this shit up.

If you repeat a lie often and loudly, it may become true

November 16th, 2020

His majesty is stuck repeating his election lies to his Twitter fans over and over. He must belong to the group of people who believe that if you repeat a lie often and loud enough it will become true.

But the numbers don’t lie and the clock is running out.

There hasn’t been this level of mental instability in the White House since the last days of Nixon when he allegedly roamed the halls late at night talking to the portraits of the former presidents.

Someone should get him the help he needs.

The relentless numbers

November 15th, 2020

11,000,000 COVID cases in the US

250,000 dead in the US

26,000,000 unemployed due to COVID

20,000 lies and misrepresentations from the Trump administration since 2017

72,000,000 deluded Trump voters in the 2020 election

78,000,000 voters for Biden/Harris in the 2020 election

His former majesty has abandoned any pretense of being a president while he childishly screams he was cheated and the election was rigged. The sad part is the number of elected republicans backing his rants and the number of diehard fanatics taking the trip with them.

At what point does this get into sedition? There is evidence he committed election interference.

21st century schizoid man

November 11th, 2020

While there remains a large number of mailed and absentee ballots to be tabulated in the Alaska election, the count is currently running in favor of the former would be king. So much so that the media heads called it in his favor despite a pile of ballots to be counted.

It seems so long as the count is in his favor, the election was fair without his massive voter fraud claims.

If however the pendulum swings the other way, Alaska will be up to its ass in Trumpian fanatics shrieking voter fraud.

Republicans need to get control of their boy before this gets any farther out of hand.

It ain’t over til the orange fat boy squeals

November 8th, 2020

All most everyone with the exception of his former majesty, his rabid duped fan base and diehard republicans are saying Biden is the president elect of the United States.

His majesty is not only demanding for various recounts where the totals are close (as is his right) but is also screaming that there is massive vote fraud and that the Democrats are stealing his win (not his right).

Now there are armed right wing nut jobs in their army surplus camo gear lounging near vote tallying centers attempting to intimidate the counters and observers. And they believe the lies about the poor deposed king.

Unfortunately it’s not a crime to be stupid. But we should roundup the ones feeding them lies.

Trump and his family if grifters need to be imprisoned and prevented from running for any public office ever. Remember Nixon lost and came back to fuck the country hard until we hounded him from office.